We are one of leading companies in express transportation and logistics in the Czech Republic. For already a quarter of century we are transporting goods throughout the whole Europe by road and recently also from Asia by sea, rail and air. Our office is in Zdice in Czech Republic, where we also have our own car service. We also have a cooperating company in Bulgaria. We have a fleet of our own vans and loyal employees on positions of drivers, servicemen, dispatchers and specialists for air, sea and rail transport.

In 2023 we celebrated a 25 years anniversary. For our customers we ensure a complete service starting with helping the customer to choose the best option for the transport, then loading of the goods, performing the transport, making the customs clearing if needed and unloading the goods at the final destination.

Our company is growing dynamically. For our main customer Kostal Automotive Group we ensure not only the road transport throughout the whole Europe, but also the transport by air, sea and rail from China to Czech Republic and to Bulgaria.

We provide maximum levels of flexibility and optimization for all our customers´ needs. We love finding the very best solutions for our customers. We are excited to overcome obstacles and we always try to find paths there, where others don´t see them. Our goal is making our customers satisfied and happy.